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IBM Has Announced The Launch Of IBM Watsonx

IBM Watsonx

IBM has announced the launch of IBM Watsonx, a new AI platform that offers a range of pre-trained, enterprise-ready models for building AI applications, along with the tools and infrastructure required for deploying and managing AI models within an organisation. According to IBM, the platform provides businesses with the necessary resources to create their own AI models or fine-tune and adapt existing models for their own data. In addition, the platform offers a range of pretrained models, including the fm.model.code, which generates code; fm.model.NLP, a collection of large language models; and fm.model.geospatial, a model built on climate and remote sensing data from NASA. The models are differentiated by a training dataset that includes code, time-series data, tabular data, and geospatial data, as well as IT events data.

IBM is also partnering with Hugging Face, an AI startup, to include thousands of Hugging Face-developed models, datasets and libraries. The company is also pledging to contribute open source AI dev software to Hugging Face and make several of its in-house models accessible from Hugging Face’s AI development platform. IBM is using the models across its suite of software products and services. For example, fm.model.code powers Watson Code Assistant, IBM’s answer to GitHub’s Copilot, which allows developers to generate code using plain English prompts across programs, including Red Hat’s Ansible.

IBM is offering Watsonx alongside, a "fit-for-purpose" data store designed for both governed data and AI workloads, and Watsonx.governance, a toolkit that provides mechanisms to protect customer privacy, detect model bias and drift, and help organizations meet ethics standards. Alongside the Watsonx platform, IBM unveiled a new GPU offering in the IBM cloud optimized for compute-intensive workloads, specifically training and serving AI models. The company also showcased the IBM Cloud Carbon Calculator, an "AI-informed" dashboard that enables organisations to measure their carbon footprint, reduce their carbon impact and track progress towards achieving carbon neutrality.


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